The Brooklyn Heights Designer Showhouse benefits the BHA

The neighborhood of Brooklyn Heights is one of the gems of New York City, and credit for that belongs in large part to the Brooklyn Heights Association.  The BHA is a leader among neighborhood associations and a strong voice for both innovation and preservation.

The BHA is currently working to preserve the world-renowned Brooklyn Heights Promenade, rejecting a proposal by the New York City Department of Transportation to replace it with a temporary six-lane highway. The promenade is part of the “triple cantilever” overhanging I-278, known as the “BQE.” Built in 1945, the triple cantilever is the result of the BHA’s opposition to Robert Moses’ vision of a highway barreling through the neighborhood.

In a pioneering feat of urban preservation, Brooklyn Heights was designated the first Historic District in the city in 1965, after years of lobbying by the BHA.

A history of activism. A focus on the future.

The BHA’s vision continues to shape the daily lives of Brooklyn Heights residents and visitors alike, as we advocate for more and better public spaces, schools, and libraries in our neighborhood and beyond.

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